Cheshire3 Objects: Record


Records in the system are stored in an XML form. Attached to the record is various configurable metadata, such as the time it was inserted into the database and by which user. Records are stored in a RecordStore database and retrieved via a persistent and unique document identifier. The record data may be retrieved as a list of SAX events, as regularised XML or as a DOM tree.


Module: cheshire3.record

__init__data, ?xml, ?docid The constructer takes the data which should be used to construct the record. This is implementation dependant, eg a DOM node or a list of SAX events.. It also optionally may take the raw XML which was parsed, and a document identifier.
get_xmlsessionstringReturn the raw XML for the record
get_domsessiondomNodeReturn the dom document node for the record
get_saxsessionlist of saxEventsReturn the sax events for the record (list of strings)
process_xpathsession, XPathdataGiven an XPath, process it and return the results. The XPath may be parsed ( tuple of object and internal format) or a string. Returned data type will depend on the XPath, but will commonly be a list of either DOM nodes or strings.


Sub-package: graph
Module: cheshire3.graph.record