Cheshire3 Objects: Index Store


A persistent storage mechanism for indexed terms.

__init__config, parent 
begin_indexingsession, index Setup an environment to allow for batch mode indexing -- eg don't store anything until commit_indexing is called
commit_indexingsession, index Store the terms given since begin_indexing was called
create_indexsession, index Register a new index, including maybe creating files on disk and so forth
delete_indexsession, index Delete an existing index
contains_indexsession, indexBooleanDoes this store maintain the given index
store_termssession, index, hash, record, ?original Store the given terms and related information, as extracted from the record. If present, store the given original term, as it existed in the record before processing
delete_termsession, index Delete a term from the index
fetch_termListsession, index, term, numberOfTerms, relation, endlist of termsReturn a list of terms and their data according to the parameters. The relation determines which way to scan through the index, and end gives a position to stop at such that 'within' queries can be processed
fetch_termsession, index, term Return the data for a given term
fetch_sortValuesession, index Given a record, return a value appropriate for sorting according to an index. (May not be available)