Cheshire3 Objects: Cheshire3 Abstract Base Class


Abstract Base Class for all configurable objects within the Cheshire3 framework. It is not the base class for Document, Record, ResultSet, or Query.


There are no pre-configured out-of-the-box ready objects of this type.


Module: cheshire3.configParser

C3Object Methods:

__init__xmlNode, parentObject The constructor for the base class takes the parsed XML DOM node from the configuration for the object. It then steps through all of the information within the configuration and builds the object as described.
_handleConfigNodexmlNode Handles configuration xml nodes which are object specific (for example 'source' for Index objects)
_verifyOptiontype, valuevalueVerify if an object specific configuration 'option' is valid. (for example that a file path exists) Also _verifySetting and _verifyDefault
get_settingsession, namevalueReturn the value of the named setting for this object. This may cascade up to the object's parent to find the value (for example index -> database -> server)
get_defaultsession, namevalueReturn the value of the named default for this object as above. Cascades.
get_pathsession, namevalueReturn the value of the named path. Cascades.
get_objectsession, idobjectReturn the object identified by the given id, relative to this object. (for example a database may override an identifier which is also valid at the server level). Cascades.
log_functionfunctionName Use this object's functionLogger to log calls to the named function.
unlog_functionfunctionName Stops the logging of the named function
auth_functionfunctionName Use a PermissionHandler object to authorise every call to the named function. Configured as c3fn:functionName.
unauth_functionfunctionName Stops the authorization requirement of the named function