Cheshire3: baseObjects Module

Module baseObjects

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Server A Server object is a collection point for other objects, and an initial entry into the system for requests from a ProtocolHandler.
Database A Database is a collection of Records and Indexes.
Index An Index is an object which defines an access point into records and is responsable for extracting that information from them.
XPathProcessor An XPathProcessor is a simple wrapper around an XPath.
Extractor An Extractor is a processing object called by an Index with the value of an evaluated XPath expression or with a string.
Normalizer Normalizer objects are chained after Extractors in order to transform the data from the record or query.
DocumentFactory Object Docs
Parser Normally a simple wrapper around an XML parser, these objects can be viewed as Record Factories.
PreParser A PreParser takes a Document and creates a second one.
Transformer A Transformer is the opposite of a Parser.
User An object representing a user of the system to allow for convenient access to properties such as username, password and rights metadata.
ProtocolMap Protocol maps map from an incoming query type to internal indexes based on some specification.
IndexStore A persistent storage mechanism for extracted terms.
ObjectStore An interface to a persistent storage mechanism for configured Cheshire3 objects.
QueryStore An interface to persistent storage for Queries.
RecordStore A persistent storage mechanism for Records.
DocumentStore An interface to a persistent storage mechanism for Documents and their associated metadata.
ResultSetStore A persistent storage mechanism for result sets.
Document A Document is the raw data which will become a record.
ResultSet A collection of records, typically created as the result of a search on a database.
ResultSetItem An object representing a pointer to a Record, with result set specific metadata.
Record Records in the system are stored in an XML form.
Session An object to be passed around amongst the processing objects to maintain a session.
Workflow A workflow is similar to the process chain concept of an index, but behaves at a more global level.