Cheshire3 Object Model: Class DirectoryCategoryArray_Def

Module GoogleSearch_services_types :: Class urn_GoogleSearch :: Class DirectoryCategoryArray_Def

Class DirectoryCategoryArray_Def
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Object Tree:
     TC.TypeCode --+    
ZSI.TCcompound.Array --+

Instance Methods

__init__(self, name=None, ns=None, **kw)
Baseclass initialization.

Inherited from ZSI.TCcompound.Array: parse, parse_offset, parse_position, serialize

Inherited from ZSI.TC.TypeCode: SimpleHREF, checkname, checktype, get_parse_and_errorlist, name_match, nilled, simple_value

Class Variables

Inherited from ZSI.TC.TypeCode: typechecks

Method Details

__init__(self, name=None, ns=None, **kw)

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Baseclass initialization.
Instance data (and usually keyword arg)
    pname -- the parameter name (localname).
    nspname -- the namespace for the parameter;
        None to ignore the namespace
    oname -- output name
    ons -- the namespace prefix of the oname
    typed -- output xsi:type attribute
    repeatable -- element can appear more than once
    optional -- the item is optional
    default -- default value
    unique -- data item is not aliased (no href/id needed)

Overrides: ZSI.TCcompound.Array.__init__