Cheshire3 Information Framework

What is Cheshire3?

Cheshire3 is a fast open source XML search engine. Given a set of records, Cheshire3 can extract data into one or more indexes. Indexes supports common operations such as ranked search, faceted search, browsing, and result reordering.

The API is stable and fully documented, allowing easy third party development of components. The API enables integration into any environment that supports Python (mod_python, WSGI, etc.)

See 'About Cheshire3' for more information on features and capabilities.

If you're looking for an open source search software solution, then Cheshire3 could be just what you need!


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Cheshire3 is being used in the following services/projects:

Download Cheshire3

See our Downloads section


We have Documentation! As with most software documentation, this is a work in progress, but there is plenty to get you started.

We also have a wiki where you can read and contribute about specific installation and configuration issues.




The Cheshire Project

This is the third generation of the Cheshire system, started more than 10 years ago at UC Berkeley and more recently developed in a partnership between Berkeley and the University of Liverpool. Cheshire2 is used by several national services in both the UK and Europe, as well as by several services and projects in the US. We gratefully acknolwedge the ongoing support of the JISC.

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